Bình luận về Hồ Chí Minh và Đảng Cộng Sản Việt Nam

Bình luận về Hồ Chí Minh và Đảng Cộng Sản Việt Nam

Wednesday, 26 September 2012







Following the manner of "  personality cult" of Stalinism, Vietnamese communists has propagated Hồ Chí Minh's morality. In the University, the High school, and the Political Institution of the Party, they recited what Ho Chi Minh taught their cadres. Hồ Chí Minh taught a lot but the main ideas which were mentioned in his will and his book entitled " Đường Kách Mệnh" ( The Revolutionary Way) published in 1927, are  industriousness, thriftiness, incorruptibility, righteousness, and justice. Those ideas was not the Marxist thoughts, but Confucius' thoughts. He did not love Confucianism but he had to recite them because Marxism did not teach morality, but struggle and hostility. Moreover, they are the keywords he needed  to use in the daily life of Vietnam. But what he taught his comrades are very simple when Buddha, Confucius, Lao Tsu, and Jesus taught more important things as compassion, humanity, benevolence, intelligence, and loyalty etc. Hồ Chí Minh did not say of compassion, humanity because these ideas are in conflict with  theory of struggle and hostility of Marxism.

Hồ Chí Minh was a professional thief when he robbed Phan Chu Trinh, Nguyễn Thế Truyền, Phan Văn Tờng of their alias Nguyễn Ái Quốc and the revolutionary works. He also robbed Hồ Học Lãm of his alias Hồ Chí Minh and name Việt Nam Độc Lập Đồng Minh Hội. He told lie because he was not a school boy at the Quốc Học high school Huế, and was not a student at the Communist University of the Toilers of the East. He had no position at the Northern Department of Comintern. He had many wives and lovers and he killed his wife Nông Thị Xuân but he  said hundred times that he was a celibate. He betrayed Phan Bội Châu, he sold Vietnam to China, he also committed genocide. Such a man why do Vietnamese communists call him a saint and praise his morality?

 Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, a former Soviet statesman, said that "The Communist Party only spreads propaganda and deceives."

Following German Chancellor Angela Merkel , we can say that the communists always deceit their people, so they make the people deceitful."
 Studying a communist leader is studying his deceit and his brutality. Hồ Chí Minh was a communist leader as a result, he also had the same characteristics with Lenin,  Stalin, Mao Tsetung. Hồ Chí Minh's life and his activities were the history of deceits. HChí Minh had many tricks but in this research, we just recount some serious ones.


(1). Eating, Smocking, and Drinking
Hồ Chí Minh boasted himself that he lived a simple and hard life:"
For lunch, he ate salted vegetables, occasionally meat...He dressed simply, he had only two sets of khaki clothes , a cloth handkerchiefand two pairs of socks. When he came back from Paris, his men saw he wore a  patched khaki cloth, they  asked him for changing a new one, he said: "If many our countrymen have this cloth, they will be happy, Why do I need to change for another one? 11 * TRAN DAN TIEN II .89)

 Doctor Nguyễn Tường Bách demasked Hồ Chí Minh in his book entitled "Viêt Nam, Một thế kỷ qua. Hồi ký cuốn một, 1916-1946"( Vietnam, Last Century, Memoir I, 1916-1946), published in 1999 in USA, when he revealed Hồ Chí Minh 's tricks: 
 The foreign journalists realized that Hồ Chí Minh
smocked the  foreign aromatic cigarette, but not the internal cigarette with the trade mark Điện Biên of Vietnam.  Before 1945, Hồ Chí Minh also smocked cigarette named Philips Moris, putting in  the box named Yellow Melia, a Vietnamese cigarette. Professor Vũ Khắc Khoan  recounted  that Ho Chi Minh  laughed when Hồ gave him a cigarette marked Philips Moris putting in a box of Yellow Melia... The Vietnamese Nationalists party members reported that everyday, the communists in the Northern Government Palace in Hanoi took out their lunches, the French luxurious dishes  from the Metropole hotel across the street . Hồ Chí Minh and his men liked to eat  French food (64 * NGUYỄN TƯỜNG BÁCH * TỐ CÁO )

King Bảo Đại retold some stories of Hồ Chí Minh Before the crowd, Hồ Chí Minh became another man, as an ascetic, living in a simple life, completely sacrificing to the ideal. But in fact, he liked to smock,  and to drink. He confessed that he was addicted to drink when he worked on the ship.He smocked but he only liked the American  Philip Morris. In his pocket, there were two boxes of Bastos. One box contained the brown and cheap cigarette  for the  guests. The other box contained  the American Philip Morris for him. ...” (1)

  Professor Nguyễn Đăng Mạnh, in his Memoir wrote: Chairman Hồ liked cigarette, but he smocked only the American one. He was criticized by his party, and his men forced him to use the Vietnamese cigarette, but he coughed so much, as a result, they let him continue to smoke the American cigarette. Mr. Hoàng Tuệ said that in the war 1945-1954, one night he saw  a group of men with communist guards transporting the cigarette from  the city occupied by French to the resistance region  for Hồ Chí Minh. Painter Dương Bích Liên recited that when he lived with Hồ Chí Minh in the mountains of the North of Vietnam, he saw Hồ smocking  foreign cigarette, drinking French wine, and   fresh milk (A cow was fed to provide milk for Hồ). Trần Đăng Ninh recounted the story he  heard from Tô Hoài that when living in the Chairman's Palace, sometimes Hồ Chí Minh wore suits, with ties and he walked alone with a cane  in the garden -Perhaps he remembered the days he had lived in Paris. NGUYỄN ĐĂNG MẠNH * HỒI KÝ

(2).House on stilts
There are many kinds of house. But Hồ Chí Minh's house on stilts in Hanoi and his thatched house in Nghệ An are the luxurious ones. Some one described Hồ Chí Minh's house on stilts, where Ho Chi Minh lived and worked from 1958 to 1969, illustrates the importance of simplicity and modesty to this Vietnamese revolutionary. (Contrast, for example, the nearby Presidential Palace, a colonial building, erected for the General Governor of Indochina.) Still, the building is elegantly crafted with lacquered and polished wood, following the model of a traditional communal house on stilts. Although there are only a few rooms, they are all filled with wind and fragrance from the surrounding garden. The two upstairs rooms are a study and bedroom while the ground floor level contains a meeting table. The carp pond provided opportunities for fishing http://www.bluffton.edu/~sullivanm/vietnam/hanoi/hcm/stilthouse.html

In fact, Hồ Chí Minh's house on stilts  did not illustrated the simplicity and modesty of Hồ Chí Minh. Trần Nhu described Hồ Chí Minh's house on stilts: Speaking of the house on stilts, many people think of the traditional montagnard stilted structures from Vietnam's far north . It is a special and luxurious house.
-There are many kinds of trees and flowers, especially the precious trees collected from the provinces of Vietnam and the foreign countries.
 -The ground floor was paved with precious wood and highly polished. Here are a table with 12 chairs he used for meetings. In a corner there are four telephones on a small table. Under ground, there is a  solid shelter. In this room, in 1958 he sat his with his Politburo and he decided to offer Hoàng Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly)  to China. Upstairs are  his office and his bedroom where he could make love with the ethnic minority women, and the teenage girls  of the South Vietnam. Hồ Chí Minh lived many years in the border of  North Vietnam  as a result he loved the  beauty of the ethnic minority women. When he came back to Hanoi, Trần Đăng Ninh brought many Thái and Nùng beautiful girls to Hanoi for him. Enjoying the mountain flowers in the house on stilts is very romantic and interesting! (39 * TRẦN NHU * NHÀ SÀN )

(3). Mausoleum 
Hồ Chí Minh's mausoleum do not illustrate  the simplicity and modesty of Hồ Chí Minh. On the contrary, it reflected " the personality cult" of Hồ Chí Minh and his party. Vietnam is a poor country, but the communistwasted money of people for such a  thing!

In his testament, he wrote: After the cremation of corpses,ashes divided into three parts, putting into three boxes of clay for the North, Central and South...
But his testament was deceitful because in 1967, Hồ and Vietnamese communist party sent a group of scientists to Russian to study the science of mummification.( 125 * TRẦN VIẾT ĐẠI HƯNG * XÁC ƯỚP HCM)

Vietnamese communist party spread propaganda to celebrate Hồ Chí Minh as a saint, who sacrificed his private life for the independence of Vietnam. There are many Hồ Chí Minh's words to boast his ideal but on the contrary, there are  many stories about his sexuality, his lovers and his wives.
In January of 1951, Hồ Chí Minh visited the brigate Sông Lô.Before leaving, he asked:" Any question?" A soldier asked:  "
Why  did you not have a wife? ". Hồ answered:" Although I do not get married yet, I have a big family, that is my people, included  your brigate." Every body clapped their hands merrily"
When moving to the North, laywer Nguyễn Thành Vĩnh asked Hồ Chí Minh:" You went to many countries, and met many women.Why do you not marry? Nobody was suitable for you? ?" Hồ said:"I kown that you have a wife and three children. Do you take care of them? The lawyer said yes. Hồ Chí Minh replied:" If I have a family, I do not have time for my people!"
When a son of doctor Vũ Đình Tụng died in the war against the French, H sent a letter of condolence to his family. He wrote:" You know that I do not have a family, even a child. But Viet Nam is my family
. All the young men are my sons, and my grand sons. I am very sad when I lost one of them.( 53* DI TICH * HÔN NHÂN HCM);(142 TRẦN VIẾT ĐAI HƯNG, MACH QUANG THẮNG * SƠN T)..  

Lý Gia Trung, a Chinese Ambassador, on the World NewsPaper dated on July 11, 2005 wrote:" Hồ Chí Minh  accepted a celibate life for the Revolution , consequently, he had no wife and no child.(Hồ Tuấn Hùng jùnxióng . Hồ Chí Minh Sinh Bình Khảo Study of Hồ Chí Minh's Life. Part V, Ch.1)

Despite his comrades appraised him and he  boasted his celibate life hundred times with a serious tone of a saint who sacrificed his private life for the independence of his country, but many evidences  betrayed him.

Hoàng Tranh , a Chinese professor, in  his book entitled " Hồ Chí Minh and China", published by Tân Tinh, in Nam Ninh in 1990, wrote : When When he was still alive, Hồ Chí Minh had a celibate life but in fact he had a wife. In October of 1926, HChí Minh married Tăng Tuyết Minh and they organized a wedding celebration in  Guǎngzhōu where they lived together until May of 1927, Hồ left  Guǎngzhōu and his wife.(46 * HOÀNG TRANH * TĂNG TUYET MINH)
Hồ declared  that he was a celibate but in fact he had a dozen of wives and a number of lovers. He was a king living with hundred or thousand imperial maids.

When Hồ Chí Minh lived in Europe, he had some wives and a lot of lovers. In 1990, professor Nguyễn Thế Anh denounced that when Hồ lived in Paris, he loved Ms Bourdon but she did not loved him. Nguyễn Thế Anh also denounced that when Hồ lived in Russia, the Russian authority gave him a wife.(2) 
 King Bảo Đại heard Võ Nguyên Giáp told that Hồ Chí Minh had a Russian wife, and a girl but he never mentioned them (3).  Sophie Quinn Judge studied carefully life  of Hồ Chí Minh, especially his love. In 1935 ,  Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai was his wife:
 Hồ seems to have told the FEB of his marriage plans  sometime in the winter. The FEB informed him in their letter of 12 January that he should let them know the date of his marriage two months before it took place. .. From other Comintern documents from 1934 and 1935, we learn that this wife was apparently Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai, the former Tân Việt activist from Vinh who was assigned to work in Hong Kong after the party unification. She was later assigned to liaison work  with the Chinese party .Whether she and Hồ remained man and wife after their arrests in April and June 1931 is not known....Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai, referred to in a letter from Hà Văn Tập to the Comintern as "Quốc' s wife"... On the autobiographical form which Minh Khai filled in after her arrival, she wrote that she was married and gave her husband's name as ' Lin' Hồ latest alias (4)
Like Hoàng Tranh, Sophie Quinn Judge recounts in her book that the young Cantonese woman whom Hồ 'married' in October 1926 know as Tuyết Minh, was not informed of where he  had gone. ( The Missing Years,108).
In an interview with BBC in September 2003, she confirmed that Hồ married Tăng Tuyết Minh in 1926  and Minh Khai in 1931, but Minh Khai was the wife of many Vietnamese communists as Lê Hồng Phong, Hồ Chí Minh, Trần Ngọc Danh 
( Trần Phú 's younger brother)

W. Duiker  also recounted  some  details of Hồ Chí Minh' relationship with  Minh Khai and Tăng Tuyết Minh.  He wrote: " Not much is known  about Minh Khai's romantic relationship with Nguyễn Ái Quc, or whether they ever  participated  in an informal wedding cerermony. Quốc 's previous relationship with Tuyết Minh, his Chinese wife in Canton, had apparently come to an end after his departure (5).
In a work entitled " Study of  Hồ Chí Minh's Life" (Hồ Chí Minh Sinh Bình Khảo" 胡志明生平考) published in Taiwan in 2008,  Hồ Tuấn Hùng cited a lot of Hồ Chí Minh's lovers and wives such as Bố Lạc Nhĩ,  Bố Nhĩ Đông, Đỗ Lệ Hoa,  Nguyễn Thanh Linh,Tăng Tuyết Minh,  Lâm Y Lan, Đỗ Thị Lạc, Nông Thị Xuân 28*HỒ TUẤN HÙNG * HO CHI MINH SINH BÌNH KHẢO

In addition to those works, some Vietnamese writers presented  to us a tragic panorama of Hồ Chí Minh' sexual life. When Hồ Chí Minh came back to Vietnam, and lived in the Vietnam-China border where he lived with many teenage girls. Hồ formed them into the guerrillas, who had many missions: They guard Hồ's house in day time, they scout the area  and protect H when Hồ travels, and they sleep with him in night time. In these ethnic minority girls, Hồ loved two girls: Nông Thị Ngát and Nông Thị Xuân were the best. Nông Thị Ngát  was Nông Đức Mạnh's mother, Nông Thị Xuân, Nguyễn Tất Trung's mother. Nông Thị Xuân demanded Hồ recognize her as his official wife, but Hồ did not accept her request. So did the Vietnamese communist party leaders. As a result,  Trần Quốc Hoàn, Hồ 's Ministry of  Security, rapped her, killed her, and threw her body in the street in Hanoi. Vũ Thư Hiên, Nguyễn Minh Cần, Nguyễn  Đăng Mạnh, Thép Mới, Wiliam Duiker, Đặng Chí Hùng, Wikipedia etc. also emphasized  this murder.(6)

Moreover, in the war time 1947-1950, the Vietnamese Communist leaders in the South as Võ Văn Kiệt, Nguyn Văn Linh from 1947 to 1950 had sent many Northern girls  at the age of fifteen to Hanoi in order to show their loyalty to their king. Attracting by the beauty.of a young girl, Võ Văn Kiệt seized her, as a result he had  a boy named  Phan Thanh Nam, who became a VIP in Saigon today (42 * NGUYỄN Y VÂN * ĐÀN BÀ; 44 * HUỲNH THỊ THANH XUÂN * ĐÀN BÀ)

Before a great deal of  Hồ's sexual stories, Vietnamese communists  grew angry.  In 1992 Ms. Vu Kim Hanh general editor of Newspaper Tuổi Trẻ (Youth) in Saigon posted some  unpublished material relating to the private  life of Hồ Chí Minh, she was suspended   from office.
In 2002, William J. Duiker cited  Hồ Chí Minh and his wife Tăng Tuyết Minh in his book " Hồ Chí Minh, a Life". According to reporter Mark Baker of the Sydney Morning Herald, The National Political Publishing of Vietnam  sent a letter to Hyperion Books, the original publisher of this book, to ask for permission to remove Vietnamese translation of some information which is "inconsistent with information in the documents of Ho Chi Minh". An edition of the Far Eastern Economic Review magazine talking about Hồ 's love and marriage was banned in Vietnam. Many documents of the Vietnamese communist party  also denied that the Ho Chi Minh married or loved.

Mạch Quang Thắng said that Hoàng Tranh is wrong, and the document in the Comintern archives are wrong. He wrote:" If Hồ Chí Minh had a wife and children, he could not hide them in such a long time.How they could conceal them from the  view of million Vietnamese people and the world! (142 .TRẦN VIẾT ĐAI HƯNG, MACH QUANG THẮNG * SƠN T...)
In defending Hồ Chí Minh, Sơn Tùng said:
" Trường Chinh, Phạm Văn Đồng belong to the great mandarin family, they always respect  the saint, they never  get along with the playboys"!.(142 .TRẦN VIẾT ĐAI HƯNG, MACH QUANG THẮNG * SƠN T...)

Vietnamese people, especially the nationalists always respect the individual freedom, they do not emphasize much the private life of somebody. But they can not let the deceit pass easily when the deceiver was a a chairman and a party leader..
They consider Hồ Chí Minh as a simple person, he can love, he need love as everybody. Nobody demands he must be a saint,or an ascetic.  They need the truthful politicians, they hate the liars and the tyrants. Why did he claim he was a celibate, he sacrificed his private life for the independence of Vietnam when he had a dozen of women? Moreover, he committed the child sexual abuse and murder. In a word, Hồ Chí Minh was not a saint, but a green bear ghost. He also committed genocide.


We are very sad to tell that history of Hồ Chí Minh was a history of the continuous cheats. He practiced a number of cheats but we can not know all of them. Today, Vietnamese people revealed some of them but tomorrow, Vietnamese histore will provide us more tragic stories of his life and activities.
  (1). Nguyễn Tất Thành robbed Phan Chu TRinh, Phan Văn Trường, Nguyễn Thế Truyền of their alias Nguyễn Ái Quốc and their revolutionary works in order to promote himself in the political career. He also robbed Phan Bội Châu, Hồ Học Lãm of their organizations, he sold Phan Bội Châu, Vietnamese nationalists even communists to the French in order to get money and  develop his communist party and destroy his rivals.

(2). He and his men always penetrated the nationalist organizations in order to divide them, and destroy them. Flattery and slander  are Hồ' s main tricks. He flattered the high ranking officers of Chinese Kuomintang and slandered Vietnamese nationalists. Hồ flattered OSS and French and slandered Vietnamese nationalists. As a result, the French helped Hồ to kill Đại Việt and Vietnam Quốc Dân đảng in 1946. 
(3).When delivering his Declaration of Independence with a famous statement from the Declaration of Independence of the USA: "All men are created equal", and  his regime's title "Democratic Republic of Vietnam", and the motto  "Independence - Freedom - Happiness,"  from the Sun Yatsen's "Three-People Doctrine", he want to hide his real face of a communist, and make Vietnamese people believe that  he was a democrat, allying to the USA and Republic of China. 
(4).He always said of Democracy, Freedom,Love of country but in fact he was not a democrat, but a communist. Like Lenin, Stalin, Mao Tsetung, he used the words "democracy", "freedom", and
  " equality" to deceit people. In 1945, he called on the people to unite to fight the French but he ordered his men to  kill Tạ Thu Thâu, Phan Văn Hùm, Trần Văn Thạch, Huỳnh Phú Sồ, Dương Văn Giáo, Bùi Quang Chiêu, Khái Hưng, Ngô Văn Triện, Lan Khai...and a lot of the Nationalist party members, and the followers of Caodaism, Hòa Hảo Buddhism, Buddism and Christianity.

(5).He used the banner of nationalism to expel the French but after the victory of Điện Biện Phủ, he went to Moscow to receive the orders of Stalin and Mao Tsetung to open the movement of "Land Reform" in order to settle the Communism in Vietnam.
Land Reform was a deceitful and brutal policy of Communism. They said they destroy  the bourgeois class and the landlords but in reality, they killed the poor peasants and the poor merchants. It was the way to rob people of private property, and to terrorize people. In war time, Hồ
 promised to provide the fields for the farmers. After the Land Reform, Hồ provided land to the farmers but some months later, he took back the land to organize the collective farms. He sent many tractors to the collective farm, and he said  from now, Vietnamese peasants escape the yoke of ox! But some months latter, the tractors disappeared,  and the peasants have to continue the fate of the ox to pull the plough on the field of rice. Thus every people became the slaves of the Communist party. The best peasant will receive 400 gr rice /day at the end of the harvest time.
That were the great deceits in Vietnamese history. 
(6). Hfollowed communism, he obeyed Stalin and MaoTsetung's orders. He wanted to win the war so  he sold Vietnam to China but he always praised the brotherhood of China and Vietnam. 
(7). Like Lenin, Stalin, Mao Tsetung, H built a dictatorship to govern Vietnam. Aleksandre Solzhenitsyn said: "Any man who has once proclaimed violence as his method is inevitably forced to take the lie as his principle". Indeed, lie has the relationship with violence.  Hồ always told lies as consequent, he always must use  violence to cover the people's mouth.

There are some problems we need to discus to make clear the difficult questions in history of Vietnam. 
(1). Many politicians speak scornfully of Ngô Đình Diệm because of his refuse of the general elections in 1956. Anyway,Vietnam will go to the impasse. If Communists win, Vietnamese people will suffer the brutality of the Communism. If the Nationalists win, the war will continue.
(2). Many Vietnamese and foreign writers criticize  President Truman because of his refuse to support  Vietnamese communist in 1946. They reasoned that if the USA helped Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam would not be destroyed by war, and the Americans would not died in vain in Vietnam after 1963. OSS agents  such as A. Patti and Charles Fenn wanted to support Hồ Chí Minh.
Calling on the USA ' support is Ho's trick. He does not love the USA, he does not love the capitalism because he was a communist. He only love the US dollar. Needing the USA's help means needing weapons, food and US dollars. Moreover, he uses the USA to fight the French for him. Hồ is very tricky and ambitious, but hunderestimates the Americans. Under the Vietnamese communist eyes, the Americans are only the milky cows and stupid giants. Because they consider the Americans as the cows, they always ask them for money. In 1946, Hồ asked the Americans to give him money, in 1976, Lê Duẩn also asked them to pay money. Today, although they surrender the Communist Chinese, they still ask the American for money. 

 President Truman refused Ho Chi Minh's request for help against the French because Truman viewed France as a vital ally in the struggle against the spread of communism in postwar Europe. He also was unwilling to back the Vietminh because of Ho's Communist Party connections. 

 A. Patti, Charles Fenn are the soldiers, they do not read Karl Marx. Lenin, Stalin and Hồ Chí Minh, so they do not know that the communists have two majors aims: destroy capitalism and spread the war in order to seize the world.Capitalism is the enemy of Communism , and the USA is the enemy of Russia and China. Before 1945, the USA and the USSR are friends, but after the World War II, it is the cold war between Capitalism and Communism. How Truman can help Vietnamese communists in this situation? How the Americans can rob the Frenchs of  their colony? How the Americans can betray his friends?

 Because the Communists consider the Americans as the stupid giants, Karl Marx said "Capitalism is dead ", and Mao Tsé tung said:"American is a paper tiger". Before 1945, Hồ Chí Minh criticized President Thomas Woodrom Wilson, and he said that what the capitalist politicians declared about fredoom in the war is the lie (TRẦN DÂN TIÊN I, 19 ) .

  Now Vietnam is in the grips of China, some Vietnamese communists state that Vietnam need the help of the USA, but some pro- China officers as Trần Đăng Thanh, Nguyễn Chí Vịnh declared that Vietnamese people  had to thank Chinese communists  for their support in the war, and the protests against Chinese invaders will cause the disturb in the relationship between China and Vietnam (7).

  Hồ Chí Minh thinks that the Americans will fall into his trap like the French authorities  helping the Vietnamese communists to kill Vietnamese nationalists in 1946. 

If President Truman helped Hồ Chí Minh, H would use their weapons to kill Vietnamese people and expand the war to Thailand, Indonesia... When H is strong enough, he will say goodbye to the Americans.

Being  controlled strictly by Chinese and Russian, Hồ Chí Minh cannot betray his masters. If he does that, he will be killed by his comrades.Flattering  OSS group and  luring Truman are Hồ's tricks, but President Truman was a smart president, he did not fall into Hồ' s trap.

(3). When Hồ Chí Minh accused Bảo Đại and Ngô Đình Diệm of being the lackeys of French and American,  but so was Hồ Chí Minh, a slave of Stalin and Mao Tsétung. Mao Tsé tung wanted to govern the world. Stalin and Mao replaced Nguyễn Tất Thành with Hồ Tập Chương, a Chinese in order to occupy Vietnam easily. Therefore, Hồ sold Vietnam to China. Vietnam is the Chinese outpost, and Vietnamese communists are their mercenary troops.

Before 1975, Chinese communist leaders wanted two sides of  Vietnam coexisting, and the Americans stayed in Vietnam. They wanted the war lengthening indefinitely, and Vietnam will be destroyed completely, Chinese could provide two million soldiers and some billion $US dollars to Vietnam war  in exchange for land and island. Getting along with the Chinese communists, Hồ declared that he will sacrifice until the last Vietnamese. In a word, Chinese and Hồ wanted to prolong the war to weaken Vietnam, and to destroy Vietnam. At last, Chinese communists will occupy Vietnam. That is a trap prepared for the Americans and Vietnamese nationalists.
Perhaps about 1968, the Americans realized the tricks of the Chinese communists, therefore they changed their strategy by retreating from Vietnam. Perhaps the Americans had their plan in many decades ago, and 1975 is the time of withdrawing their troops from Vietnam. Afterward is the next  periods  for the  next strategies.
That is the the trick of retreat ( không thành kế, making the citadel empty by retreat). In applying this trick, the Americans  have to stand sacrifices, hardships, shame and sufferings a long time.
Although the Americans are unfamiliar with the Asian culture,  they know Zhuge Liang and Lao Tsé  very much.
 Lao Tsé said:

Before shortening, you must widen; before weakening, you  must strengthen; before destroying,  you must  nominate; before robbing, you must give. (Tao Te Ching, chapter 36)

 (將欲歙之, 必固張之. 將欲弱之. 必固强之. 將欲廢之, 必固舉之. 將欲奪之, 必固與之. 是謂微明. 柔弱勝剛强. (道德经 Chapter 36).

Indeed, Americans make a total withdrawing. The Amercans retreat from Vietnam and from Pacific Ocean. ThAmericans give the Chinese the important posion in the UN and give them money by investment in China. Thus the Americans make the Chinese communists strong and wealthy. The Chinese economy and army  develop so much, and their pride, their ambition also develop terribly. In 2000, the Chinese communists declare that  80% of the Pacific Ocean belong to China. This declaration makes the world , especially the Asian countries angry.
And 2012 was time the Americans came back to Asia. Thus, the Americans' widthrawing from Vietnam in 1975 is a good way to escape from Hồ and Chinese's tricks and traps. After the retreat is time of advance and attack, and after the storm, the sky will be clean and bright.


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